Back again

It’s been a while since I posted anything. Actually I thought I’d lost this blog and it had disappeared, whether for good or ever. In helping someone get get a blog started, I was surprised to find my old blog could be resurrected. So here we go again, better prepared to actually do something interesting… Or maybe interesting. Only time will tell, by telling stories, stories that are true. I have better true stories than most people can make up, many with pictures.


Linda’s influence

Linda’s gift of a knit scarf has taken on a life of its own. Fun to make in a variety of yarns, it reminds me of coral with its elegant branches that look soft to the eye and are rough and enduring to the touch. Perhaps partimageof the attraction is that people too should be soft to the eye and enduring to the touch. Hmm, as usual, I turn something into philosophy or lessons of life.

A friend asked how the scarf could be done, or could it be done, in crochet instead of knit. So here is the translation from knit to crochet. It is that simple:

Crocheting the knit sea coral fingering scarf.

You can match the crochet hook to the yarn for desired look. Using a worsted two ply yarn, I used a K hook for my sample. The crochet should be loose enough for a lacy look.

Row 1: Chain 16, turn, single crochet in a single strand of the second stitch from the hook,
Continue along the chain, sc in only one strand 11 more times.

(Single crochet can be done in any of the 3 strands that make up the stitch but should be done the same way throughout. I found no difference in which strand used. For convenience, I prefer the single bottom strand over either of the two top strands used in a regular single crochet)

In the last three stitches in chain, complete 3 regular single crochet. Do not turn.

Chain 12, turn,

Row 2: Beginning in the second stitch from hook, single crochet in a single strand of each stitch in chain 11 times,
Single crochet through both strands in the 3 regular crochet of the previous row,
Chain 12. Turn.

Repeat row 2 until scarf is desired length.



Creativity has many expressions



First complete spinning to garment project!

First complete spinning to garment project!

Ginger, the alpaca, gave her winter coat several years ago and I became the lucky new owner. she was healthy and her fiber was long and easy for a beginner like me to spin. I was unable to spin it until I had a garment in mind. It’s a beautiful and easy to knit poncho, almost too warm to wear but so soft. Love it but I’ll probably return to scarves as final projects. It’s good therapy between photos.